Monday, December 20, 2010

4 month recap

This post is for you Linz! It will more than likely be the longest blog post in blogging history... so here goes!

In August, we had HES Skate Night. Austin put on a pair of skates for the first time in his life and it went better than I expected. Many falls, but no ER visits, so we will call it a success.

We played Fall Baseball and had a great season. Austin moved up to Farm league and did really well and learned a ton. We had an awesome coach!

During Spirit Week, he dressed up as the principal, complete with bald cap and all. On Friday, I took beads and hair paint so Mrs. Short's class could be decked out for Spirit Day!

Labor Day we went to visit my family in Mississippi. We had a great time, tons of relaxing and REALLY good food!

Austin was the September Good Citizen. We are so proud of him!

Austin's class took a field trip to the zoo.

In October, Kylie had a super fun party at Pump-it-Up! Austin loves that place. I think it smells a little funny.

We made our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

On October 23rd, we had our first annual Pumpkin Carving Party. All the kids (and adults) scooped out the pumpkin guts and carved some really great pumpkins then heard the Pumpkin Parable before dinner.

After carving the pumpkins and having dinner, we played a ton of games and Damon even volunteered for the pie toss victim. Then Austin wanted a go behind it too!

We went Trick-or-Treating at my grandmother's house again where we got 10 pounds of candy loot.

Then on Halloween night, we went to the First Baptist Fall Festival. It was a lot of fun too!

To kick off November, we had lunch at school with Austin for the Holiday lunch.

Then Alex had her Backyard Movie birthday party and we danced the night away on Just Dance for the wii.

We did celebrate Thanksgiving with my dad and step-mom's family, but apparently my camera didn't celebrate with us :(

Then in December, we had our family photos taken at Tannehill. We got there early so I could get some shots of Austin and 10 frames into the shoot, he lost his first tooth. Almost every photo taken after that, he has his tongue pushed through the new opening!

Then we had Christmas at Granny's house. We waited for the parade to come by to watch it, then we opened gifts!

Last Thursday, We had Austin's school party where he got to draw for a gift and he won Candyland. You would have thought he won an all expenses paid trip to Disney. He was so excited!

This weekend, Kayla was staying with is so we made a trip to the zoo for ZooLight Safari last night. It was bitter cold, especially riding the Pneumonia Express but we still had a great time. It is so awesome to still get to spend time with my Kayla-Bug!

Today, I'm blogging 4 months of photos... I'll skip those photos though. I'm still in my jammies!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The first day of first grade




I can't believe the summer is over. I was having super anxiety about it but I guess we are both adjusting ok. I had a house full of kids all summer long and now I sit here, it's quiet and still and I have to look for things to do. I'm really excited though to get to working on a few projects I've been wanting to start though and my photography business is exploding for the Fall.

Austin woke up in such a good mood on Wednesday. We made it to school early and he walked right in ready to go. I on the other hand... ah, why do I have to cry about everything? I was doing ok until it was time for goodbye. I teared up, gave him a wave and I had to walk out before I was noticed boo-hooing in the hallway. Maybe by 7th grade I won't cry on the first day. I'm hoping anyway!
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MS for the weekend





We decided to take a last minute trip to visit my MS family. The kids were bugging PawPaw to take them for a ride in his "red car." It's a 1934 Chevy Master's Sedan and it super cool. He took them for a ride about 10:30 Friday night. Let me apologize to the neighbors now. It's super loud and even louder when my dad is doing a burn out in the drive way. We expected to see Highway Patrol after him at any minute. Saturday we swam and just hung out and enjoyed our day together. Gram's birthday was Saturday so we went to a restaurant called 107. It was really good! I had Filet and garlic roasted mashed potatoes. Poor Randi, she wanted cheese sticks, they were out. We asked for bread, they were out, then Randi wanted Cheesecake to go, and you guessed it, they were out. Anyway, after a freidnly race between PawPaw and Lindsey's car on the way home we made it in for birthday cake that Lindsey had made. We had to get up pretty early on Sunday to head home so we could make it for Meet the Teacher night but I'm so glad we were able to go, even if it was for a short trip. I have so many memories of going to MS in the summer to visit my grandparents and I am so glad Austin will have the same thing.
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Poker Night




We hosted Poker Night at our house. Damon laughed at me because I had prepared a feast of food and broke out the serving pieces so it was pretty. He was like, "Babe, it's just poker. Peanuts will do." Oh, I don't think so! I never pas up an opportunity to host a great party. Madison wanted to play with the adults so we figured what the heck. She's 10 and played pretty well. I was impressed. I was down twice and was all in with the blind and managed to come back for a win... kinda. At 2:00 a.m. I was so tired I offered my last opponent to split the pot to agree to quit. 7 hours of poker and I was tired! So, we split the pot and hear a crash in the living room. Our ceiling fan had a little wobble to it when it is on high and apparently the light kit wobbled right off and crashed onto the floor shattering the globes and bulbs. I was glad to see it go! I'm on a mission to remove everything brass I can from this house but I couldn't make myself spend $150.00 to replace a fan that worked perfectly fine. SO, now we have a shiny new brushed nickel fan that I love and all is well!

The next morning Austin was begging to teach him how to play so we tried. He just likes to bet and refuses to fold. He'd say "All in" with a 2 4 6 8 10 off suited. He's got a way to go I think!
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Ty's Birthday


Ty invited us to his birthday lunch at Sumo's a few weekends ago. We NEVER turn down Sumo. If you are having a party (or don't mind us crashing dinner) at Sumo, invite us. We'll be there. :) It's 10a.m. and I'm craving a Medium Rare Filet right now. We had a great chef that made it a ton of fun! Ty's grandmother bakes the best cakes and it was super yummy too!
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Nana's Birthday


We took my mom to Jim & Nick's for her birthday this year. That's her favorite place. I think our table of 7 wiped out 6 baskets of cheese biscuits. I got my mom a pair of Houndstooth Flip Flops for her birthday (and me a pair too!) but she would probably kill me if I posted her "Lazy River scraped my polish off" toes on my blog. Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Day at the lake

My mom had her Annual Quilt Retreat at my uncles home on Smith Lake this week so Austin and I took advantage of the opportunity to go have some fun!

Austin tried to do this kayak kind of thing that they had there. He did pretty good! I didn't even try. I could just see myself tumping over for everyone to laugh at.

We all went swimming to cool off. I love Smith Lake because it is so clear and the water is so cool. This mama doesn't get in yuck water!

Mom took the Pontoon out for a ride to feed the carp at Rock Creek while I was on the Sea-Doo. After we all got parked, we headed to the Marina to find the carp. These fish have been here forever! It's so crazy that they hang around and stay so close to the dock. I guess they know that they get their Saltines for good behavior. My mom put a cracker between her toes and the fish sucked her toes to get it off-- ewww! I tried it but as soon as they got close I let them go. I guess I thought they were going to suck me down like a Saltine. Irrational much?

We rode the Sea-Doo until my thumb felt like it was going to fly off. My uncle's Sea-Doo will go like 60mph and let me tell you, a Sea-DOo at 55 will make your eyes water and your hair turn into a birds nest! Hello conditioner when I got home!